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Wheels A Million®



Parts/Installation: Wheels a Million recommends that you employ a certified mechanic to complete the
installation of your custom wheels.
Wheels a Million is not responsible for any problems or damage from the installation of the custom wheels by
anyone who is not a certified mechanic.
Wheels a Million is by law not able to provide instructions diagram. Wheels a Million is not responsible for any
cost that may arise from the certified mechanic or repair costs caused by improper installation of custom
wheels. If any disputes arise, Wheels a Million will require a copy of the certified mechanic invoice with an
itemized report of the work done. All parts a customer finds defective must be returned at the customer’s
expense for inspection before a replacement is shipped. We will inspect all parts, and a replacement part will be
sent if found faulty. If no defect is found, the customer is responsible for shipping costs to ship the part back of
all parts. The customer’s shipping costs must be paid before any parts are sent back to the customer.
Our scope of work does not include:
Truing tires, different lug nuts, and studs than stock, bagging of tires, balancing, alignment, delivery or
redelivery of the product to or from your location, repair of any parts damaged in shipping, ball joints, or any
regular maintenance, polishing/re-polishing, lifting, lowering, adjusting the truck to fit the wheels/tires.
Facing the wheels – we can take up to .25in off the wheel to make the wheels closer to the fender.
We will never make a wheel sit under the fenders unless noted on the invoice – only available on a flat face.
Direct Bolt-On Wheels – A direct bolt-on wheel is not guaranteed to tuck under the fenders; this depends on
many other factors! Wheels a Million does not guarantee the wheels will not stick out from the back fenders,
even after facing. The use of direct bolt-on wheels may require modifications done to the truck, including but
not limited to lifting/trimming/use of spacers/exchanging stock studs or using extended thread nuts (ET Nuts).
Make sure to adjust the truck accordingly. Direct bolt-on wheels are made from imported blanks; if you prefer
American-made products, we only have this option with adapters.
Damaged/Missing Parts Policies – All shipments must be inspected upon receipt. Note any visible damage or
missing pieces on the bill of lading. Wheels a Million will not be liable for damages by the freight company; if
not noted on the lading bill, no claim will be accepted. Missing pieces must be reported at the time of delivery.
Any missing or faulty parts must be reported within one day of receipt. Anything said after one day of receipt
will be replaced or returned to us at the customer’s expense. Take pictures of everything at the delivery time to
ensure you are covered. No proof = no claim.
Shipping Policies: Wheels a Million assumes the business is open from 9 AM-5 PM Monday to Friday when a
customer provides a business name. The company is located at a commercial address, and the business does not
have a home or any other living residences on the property. If the carrier googles the address and a single family
home is at the same address, the carrier will charge a residential fee up to $150; the customer is
responsible for this fee. Wheels a Million will not be liable for redelivery charges to businesses that are not
open during the hours mentioned above when the first delivery attempt was made. Any redelivery or residential
delivery cost incurred due to misrepresentation or fault of the customer must be paid in full to Wheels a Million.
Suppose the customer doesn’t have a business to receive the wheel under those conditions. In that case, we can
ship to a terminal for customer pick up. If the customer desires to assign another person to pick up from the
storage facility, this must be done in writing, and we need a picture of the designated contact’s ID. Any storage
charges from the freight company must be paid in full before parts are released for delivery. The customer must
pay all shipping costs for international shipments, including shipments for warranty parts. Any costs left unpaid
will hold the delivery, any fee that is incurred after delivery due to misrepresentation or fault of the customer
will be charged to the same card used for the purchase, and the customer will be notified by email of any charge
if the customer believes the bill is mistaken we have three business days to dispute with the shipping company.
Customers are responsible for offloading from the delivery truck all shipments at the time of delivery. Lift gate
service will not be provided if not requested upon ordering the wheels. The customer will pay any extra charge
for these services. There is no guaranteed delivery time, but delivery will not exceed (30) days from the date of
order. Custom orders can exceed the (30) day delivery time limit. We ONLY ship with insurance, a $500
deductible, and up to $50 premium cost added to ANY quote provided.

International Shipping – Any shipping costs quoted by or paid to Wheels a Million to international customers
do not include the following: Customs clearance, customs brokerage, duties, taxes, storage in bond charges,
inspection charges, or any other charges imposed by the customer’s respective country or concerning the
importation of the goods. These costs are considered the customer’s and are the customer’s sole responsibility.
We ONLY ship with insurance, a $500 deductible, and up to $50 premium cost added to ANY quote provided.
Payment Policies – Wheels a Million accepts all major credit cards, Zelle, and wires. Payment must be received
in full before the product ships. Wheels a Million do not ship COD. Wheels a Million requires a 50% deposit to
get started in any order. Deposits are non-refundable. Suppose payment is tendered by credit card by phone or
in person. In that case, the purchaser/customer agrees to pay the 3% processing fee and instruct their credit card
or banking institution to honor the payment to Wheels a Million. Purchaser/Customer further agrees not to
initiate a credit card chargeback at any time once the order is placed. Purchaser/Customer agrees that all sales
are final once the product has shipped.
Return Policies – ALL SALES ARE FINAL ONCE YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED. Deposits are nonrefundable!
Orders canceled after payment is processed but before production will be charged a 30%
cancellation fee of the total invoice. Orders canceled after production starts will be charged a 50% cancellation
fee of the total invoice. If a product is ready to ship and the purchaser/customer refuses to pay, the remaining
balance will be charged the deposit in full. If the product is shipped and the purchaser/customer refuses the
product, then the customer/purchaser will be responsible for shipping costs both ways and a 50% restocking fee.
We do not accept returns of used items. If you have any problems due to the wrong product received, we will do
everything needed to correct the problem as soon as possible, we will pay for the shipping both ways, but the
item is still non-refundable. Direct bolt-on wheels are not returnable, as they were made for a specific customer.
If there is a problem, we will correct the problem. All items must be in original undamaged packaging. The
customer may exchange his order before shipping by paying a 20% restocking fee and any price difference. The
purchaser/customer agrees to instruct their credit card or banking institution to honor the payment to Wheels a
Million. Purchaser/Customer further agrees not to initiate a credit card chargeback at any time once the order is
Pictures on site are for display purposes only and may not represent the exact design of wheels.
Service Only Policies – No warranty on service-only orders, no warranty on powder-coated wheels that are left
to be serviced; that doesn’t mean we will not care for your wheels, we still pride in your satisfaction, but we
can’t guarantee the wheel will be perfect after machined/handled. Service orders have seven business days to be
paid and picked up/shipped; otherwise, you may have to pay for transport to/from storage and storage fees.
After 30 days, we reserve the right to sell your items.
Warranty Policies: This limited warranty is made on to its original purchaser. This limited warranty is not
transferable—no labor warranty. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear parts on wheels. No
warranties exist for any incidental cost occurring from loss of use of the product. Any attempts at chargebacks
or legal action against Wheels a Million voids the warranty on the product purchased regardless of the decisions
made by all companies involved in the transaction and the courts’ decision. Once the warranty is canceled, it
cannot be reinstated. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Warranty is governed by the laws of the State
of Florida, Broward County. Wheels a Million will not enter verbal agreements regarding changes to the stated
warranty policy. Wheels a Million does not sell bent wheels. All valve stems are checked and replaced if
Brand new wheels have 30 days warranty. Suppose the customer believes the wheels are defective. In that case,
Wheels a Million must be notified via email, RMA will be issued, and the customer is responsible for shipping
the wheels back for inspection. Wheels a Million will exchange if, in fact, defective. EXCHANGE ONLY. If
parts are found not to be defective, the customer must pay the return shipping. Wheels a Million do not warrant
tires, those come with a factory warranty, and we can provide the receipt to assist with the warranty process
with the factory. If the tire was mounted on the wheels, it is not returnable. If a tire was ordered for your order
and you change your mind before we mount them, a 30% restocking fee will be charged. You may exchange the
tire size/brand before we mount and balance, and a 20% restocking fee will be charged.

Wheels a Million reserve the right to change or amend any measurements, instructions, policies, pictures, and
warranties, as stated in our manuals, on our website, and on any other printed or published materials, without
notice to customers before changes are made. All vehicles pictured with our products do not imply a set
measurement or dimension regarding the lift with which they are displayed. Purchaser/Customer further
understands that this document and all parts thereof are governed in whole or in part by the law of the State of
Florida. Any action at law, suit in equity, or other judicial proceedings for the enforcement of this document or
any provision thereof shall be instituted only in the courts of the State of Florida, Broward County. The
covenants and conditions in this document shall apply to and bind the parties, purchasers, customers, heirs, legal
representatives, and assigns of the parties. Be advised that this is a state-of-the-art business that manufactures
parts and customizes your truck. We are only responsible for manufacturing parts that fit their stated purpose.
We design adapter systems and wheels, which have multiple applications. Not all adapter, wheel, and tire
packages fit all trucks. Due to the vast customer success, we can recommend what others have found workable.
We do not have a crystal ball that covers all of the markets, but we will give you the very best informed advice
that we can provide. We guarantee our parts. If a part is faulty, we will replace it upon returning the defective
part. Before shipping, you will be given this information, and your order will not be shipped until you
acknowledge that you have read this page by DocuSigning and acknowledge that you accept these conditions.


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